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We are willing to
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on investment through
the rental profits you
earn every single year.


You become the owner
of premium real estate,
which is constantly growing
in value, and you are the
owner of a professionally
run business, which is
constantly producing a s
table, growing income.


At EEO Invest Co., LTD – Real Estate Investment Group,
we have spent the past
several years perfecting
a strategy that averages
even better returns per year
than the rest of the market.


current projects open for investments


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We have the experience to meet your needs.

We build on trust.

With EEO Invest Co., LTD – Real Estate Investment Group you are making a safe,
dependable investment and have a team of dedicated professionals working for your success!

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We tailor our services to meet your project goals!


Since its inception in 2012 by its founder, Ondrej Zastera, EEO Invest Co., LTD – Real Estate Investment Group has increasingly delivered profitable results. The Company has become known for the strength of its acquisition team with its unique national access to off-market portfolios and its excellent track record of identifying value-added opportunities. Ondrej founded the EEO Invest Co., LTD – Real Estate Investment Group in 2012 with the vision of becoming a global force in the property investment market. With hundreds of successful transactions to his credit extending across a diverse range of commercial real estate projects and a commitment to his shareholders and clients, Ondrej is ready to take EEO Invest Real Estate Investment Group successfully into the future.

Ondrej Zastera

EEO Invest Co., LTD – Real Estate Investment Group


EEO Invest Co., LTD – Real Estate Investment Group currently owns and manages a well-diversified portfolio valued in excess of $100 Million, composed of more than 88 single family homes, 900 multi-family residential apartments and 40,000 sq. ft. of retail space.


Throughout our history, the Company
has assembled a unique team of
professionals who all strive to become
the best at what they do.


EEO Invest Co., LTD – Real Estate Investment Group’s clear vision for the future is based on our principles of quality, innovation and integrity. We are fully committed to all our stakeholders including tenants, employees and the communities in which we serve.